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Sterling Heights, Utica and Warren Michigan's premier high school senior and portrait photographer warmly welcomes you to view "Photography By Licata" and their magnificent 1,500 sq. foot indoor and outdoor studio environment.

  Tony Licata is widely recognized as the premier high school senior photographer in Sterling Heights, Michigan as well as the surrounding communities of Utica and Warren.  Tony has the demonstrated experience and knowledge and has mastered the photographic techniques in the ways that  professional  photography should be done!

  Bring your car, a motorcycle, your four wheeler or any other items that you want included in your high school senior pictures. Why not include your family, friends and of course those loveable "furry friends" as well.  Our outdoor backgrounds include a rock garden, graffiti wall and a rustic barn setup just to name a few.

  For indoor photos, visit our showroom and choose from many different styles and backgrounds.  Carpeted floors guide you through to your private dressing room.  Take your time, listen to some music while you prepare yourself for your unique experience and then enter the spacious photography studio.  Upon entering the studio, you will notice our "High Key" area where we can create a portrait for up to 35 people or a photo of you and your pet.  Some of our backgrounds include a vintage jukebox and a rustic wall; any of these may catch your eye.  The very popular armoire and boutique area along with our circle of fashion may be the look that you want for an intimate portrait of you and that someone special


Imagination is your only limit at "Photography By Licata".


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